The Internet Based Ads:

Every time you go online from your computer, your browser saves a copy of every page that you visit. That’s right: Your computer and Internet browser—whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or something else—keep track of where you’ve been and a history of what pages you’ve seen.

That’s not something they’re hiding from you and it’s not a conspiracy or invasion of privacy. It’s there for your convenience. And unless you’re doing something you don’t want someone else to see, such as planning a secret birthday, it makes your online experience easier.

Online advertising is much more fluid and dynamic than simple print ads. Online ads can and should be precise in who they target, going only to viewers based on location, age, interests, or other demographics relevant to the business. Our Company uses browsing habits and other data collected from users to make ads more personalized, and promotional. All kinds of other products and services began following people across the web.

Today, custom Internet advertising is widespread, and the public is beginning to notice. Some activists see the practice as an invasion of privacy since it relies so heavily on the collection of personal information, but we insist that it’s harmless.

If you would like to know more about how we use and share your information, please see our Privacy Policy.